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La Nina Returns…

Joel Gratz (former Buff) gives us an idea whats in store for this winter!


Check out to stay informed about the next storm.


12 months of skiing

This September I completed a longtime goal of skiing in each month for an entire year.  I’m the type of restless skier who watches ski videos all  summer so I loved being able to live it all year instead of wishing for powder in august.  My final day was a solo trip to a skinny strip of snow I found on Grays peak thanks to a late September high country storm.  It was a great year and this trip was a good chance to reflect and make some solitary turns to complete the october to september cycle.

~ Abbott

2011/2012 Season

Last season was the best in recent memory for front range skiers.  This year, after two early dumps, it looks like La Nina is back and we will be in for another epic several months.  We know we’ll be getting after it as hard as we can in 2011/12 and we hope you’ll join us on the shred mission!