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Great Sand Dunes National Park

This weekend we went to Great Sand Dunes National Park and brought the skis along.  We found the sand dunes to be quite shreddable with the wax provided for sand dune boards.  We even had a first time tele skier on the dunes.  He dropped his first knee right before the bottom.  This trip will definitely be in the schedule again next year.  Making turns in the sand is a very strange, very awesome feeling.


4/20 Gentlemen’s Hut Trip

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We had a great time carving lines all over Resolution Peak and living in luxury in the Fowler Hillard Hut for two nights.  Huge thanks to Upslope for a deal that let us drink good beer the whole time!


Dirt Bagging Southern Colorado

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Check out the gallery of a smelly, cheap, telemark adventure to southern Colorado.   We dirt-bagged it to Aspen, Telluride and Crested Butte. Thanks to Mimi and Ward, Huntley and Maggie, and Ellis, Alex, and Mel for the accommodations. Send us an email at and check out our events page for upcoming adventures. Advertisements


February Upslope Storm

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Teleing in the front range durring this awesome upslope storm. We stayed safe and made some super deep turns in the woods near Emerald Lake and the East Portal. Come meet at Alfafa’a on Tuesday Night (2/7) at 8pm for a Full Moon Ski at Hidden Valley in Rocky Mountain National Park. Email for details […]


Colorado Daily 12/2

Sam and Abbott

Article Here


Abbott skis in the backyard after the storm last week.